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Gate Valves are designed to serve as isolation valves.  These valves help to control the flow of liquid through the pipes. To start or stop the water flow or any other kind of liquid, these valves are affixed to the pipelines. Gate valves are used for various purposes and they can be seen commonly in homes and commercial centers. Different materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, alloy steel, forged steel etc are used to manufacture these valves.

Gate valves are used to either halt or start the flow of water. Functioning of gate valves includes the lifting of a circular of the rectangular gate out of the fluid path. When gate valves are open, there will be nothing to obstruct the flow as the pipeline diameter and gate have the same opening. The valve size can be determined with this bore diameter.

• Gate valves contain very low friction loss
• They can be used both ways in the circuit
• They provide laminar flow, a pressure loss is minimum
• Gate valves help to save energy and reduce total cost of ownership
• There will be low-pressure drop when opened fully and tight sealing

• Gate valves cannot be opened & closed quickly
• They cause vibrations
• In systems where high-temperature changes irregularly, due to the load in pipe at the valve end, leakages in gate valves occur.
• The operation, maintenance, and repair of gate valves seating surfaces are complex.

•    Gate valves are suitable to use in high temperature and pressure conditions.
•    They are used for on-off applications