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General Application of Hammer Union

Hammer Unions can be used for cementing trucks, oil field applications, for quick connection on tank trucks and rail cars carrying of LPG, LNG, CNG, etc., all kinds of manifolds and other high pressure equipment and pipes. It is an important part for transporting oil, water, fracturing fluid and mixed fluid, etc. These products are all made of high quality steel by either forging or casting with good finishing cut according to on-site applications.

Hammer Unions have good mechanical performance and sealing property. Especially, they can operate under the bad weather condition. They can be assembled, fixed and changed easily and conveniently. They are very easy to use as are self-aligning, & do not require any special tools. It takes some seconds as compared to several minutes required with flanged connection. Hence in case of railway wagon loading, where large numbers of connections are to be made in each loading operation.

Hammer unions save lots of fixing time, & hence are highly suggested for the same. Hammer unions also provide interchangeability in various end connections such as threaded, flanged of different sizes etc. Our Hammer Unions are interchangeable with ACT, WECO or other manufacturers adhering to the industry standards.

Hammer Unions for sour gas service are manufactured in accordance with NACE MR-01-75 & API RP-14E.

Main Technical Paramater

Main technical parameter model number collecting norm working pressure, structural length drift diameter. The products adopt some end connections of pipeline thread, tubing thread, butt-weld.

Main Types of Hammer Unions

Hammer Union type mainly consists of Figure50, Figure 100,Figure 200, Figure 206,Figure 207,Figure 400,Figure 600,Figure 602,
Figure 1002,Figure 1003