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Product ID : cxdf


Material: Brass

Origin: China and Germany.

Sizes: 1/8” to 4”

Types: Elbow 90deg
Elbow 45deg
Tee, R/Tee

Execution: BSPT Threaded or Socket Welded


When it comes to pipe fittings, one of the materials that have come to gain popularity are brass fittings. As the name suggests, these pipe fittings are made from nothing but brass. Brass plays a crucial role in the piping and plumbing industry. These brass fittings in Dubai can be used for controlling and connecting pipes across different turns and twists seamlessly. As a leading brass fittings supplier in Dubai, we are providing these fittings made from A grade brass material. Our offered brass fittings are known for their wear resistance, i.e., even if you use these brass fittings for long stretches at a go, they would not be worn out.


Moreover, our brass fittings are also resistant to corrosion. You can be sure that the brass fittings would not react with any type of chemical liquid or gas present in the substance being flown. This prevents their corrosions and gives these fittings a longer life. You can buy them in any quantity and adapt the flow of your water, fluid, or any other gas to suit any building structure and its shape. You can find different types of brass fittings from us like coupling, elbows, union tees, crosses, caps, sockets, bushes, etc.